Rockin’ Lady and Her Rivertown Boys is a energetic band from Estonia that plays classic 1950`s rockabilly music with touch of that era rock`n`roll and country. On the stage shines a beautiful and talented female singer, accompanied by three rock’n’roll guys playing double bass, drums and guitar. That`s gonna quarantee you experience that you never forget. Real good music with remarkable stage show! The history of Rockin’ Lady & Her Rivertown Boys goes back to the year 2008, when Jaanika and Remo called together couple old friends and made a four-piece band called The Rumble Beat. This line-up gave two shows (Ruukki Picnic ’09, Finland and VII Valga Cruising 2009, Estonia). After that the band replaced two members and got a new guitarist and a new drummer. That line-up with an old name had only one performance at Rockabilly Invasion vol.2, Tallinn, in October 2009. After that we realize that we need change as well in the band name and also in the line up. In autumn 2009 the band was ready for some real action! We changed the name to Rockin’ Lady & Her Rivertown Boys. After that, everything has been going upstream. We’ve played on several stages in Estonia and Scandinavia and there are many more waiting. In summer 2010 we released our first single (Black Cadillac) and filmed a music video for it. In May 2011 an EP-CD (Hit The Rock’n’Roll Trail) was released. In the beginning of 2013 we release single Minus one – Blast Off what is originally realesed by Sonic’s in 1958, Minnessota. Original author write us about this song: “This is a great cover of our original classic. I am one of the original Sonic’s and the lead singer and guitar player for the 1958 release, “Marlene”/”Minus One Blast Off” . Bob Ruth (piano) and I wrote this song (and the flip side as well) and recorded it under the Gaity label. Good to learn that our song is still alive and well! Thanks for keeping it going!. Greetings from Judd Sheridan in Minneapolis, MN“

At the beginning of 2015 we visit England to record our first long-playing album. We did it at Sugar Ray’s Vintage Recording Studio. That is the most vintage studio in Europe nowdays and that is our main goal to do everything oldways as we can. We recorded whole band together to reel tapes using exactly the same recorders what Sam Phillips used in Sun Studio 1950’s. Master tapes traveled to Sweden where they transferred directly to vinyl. So no computer’s or any other digical devices have been used to make this album. As it takes much time, album is still work in progress but it will be ready real soon!

Also at 2015 we made our first tour in Belgium and Netherlands. In that time we made lot’s of friends in there and it become regular to visit central europe and touring there. That`s all folks! This was little story about Rockin` Lady & Her Rivertown Boys. Hope to see you all at our shows!